lost point winery

2013 Sauvignon Blanc • Santa Barbara County  

Sauvignon Blanc is back with a vengeance and we are the first to declare it. There are, of course, two types out there—crisp and, well, not so crisp. This is the former in a big way - this wine tastes like it just came out of the press. Big on citrus notes, this is the perfect partner for grilled vegetables and fresh oysters.      $15.00 BOTTLE 

2013 Chardonnay • Central Coast of Califorina  

This stainless steel–fermented Chardonnay is best with fresh seafood, like the halibut that churn the shallow waters off our coast, or a heaping plate of pasta served family-style around your kitchen table, or while just waiting for the water to boil… 
100% stainless fermentation, 20% neutral French oak aged.  $18.00

2014 Pinot Noir • Central Coast of Califorina

This French-oak aged Pinot Noir is a steamboat of flavor and acidity that is best served with things you can’t pronounce at your local taqueria, or perhaps a braised duck with
early cracklings while arguing about what to order from the take-out place… $18.00 

2013 Windmill Cuvee • Santa Barbara County

This French oak-aged blend of Merlot and Cabernet Franc is ideal with fresh game meat (like the venison that plunder our vineyards in the early evening).  It’s so good, even a bunch of editors sitting around a table could finally agree on something!  $20.00

2013 Lost Point Cabernet Sauvignon • North Coast

This classic North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon offers intense aromas of chocolate, cedar and baking spices. On the palate, flavors of chocolate, cloves, ginger and lavender are perfectly balanced by velvet textured tannins, which lead to a long elegant finish. this wine will shine on its own or paired with juicy prime steaks and Black forest cake.  $20.00

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